For Our Current Patients

As a service to our patients, here we provide listings of hotels that are close to the office and restaurants in New York City that provide healthy food. We also provide a resource list of companies that sell such things as organic food, nontoxic cleaning products, and environmentally sound building materials, equipment needed to do this protocol, and suggestions on how to evaluate body care products such as cosmetics, shampoo and soap (with a few recipes for homemade products). Helpful books such as cookbooks are listed on our Book Suggestions page.

We do not claim that these lists are a comprehensive list of all the potential resources available on the Internet to find the foods and tools that might help you put this program into practice. If there is a particular site not listed that you find helpful, please let us know.

We have also included the handouts called “Compliance Is Not As Automatic As We Think” and “Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Healing,” as well as our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Finally, we believe our patients should know that there are endless legislative efforts aimed at curtailing the right of health providers to practice and limit consumers' freedom to choose the health care they prefer. The Alliance for Natural Health is an international organization dedicated to promoting sustainable health and freedom of choice in healthcare through good science and good law. Their newsletter is a great way to keep up with proposed legislation and to find out when it is necessary to mobilize.

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