Suzanne Somers' new book TOX-SICK includes a lengthy interview with Dr. Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez's recent article: The History of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer

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What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer — Silver Award Winner, Independent Book Publishers Association 2013 Benjamin Franklin Awards (Science category). Click here for more information.

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One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley — Click here for more information.

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The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer — Click here for more information.

The Gonzalez Protocol: A Natural Approach to Healing

It is with great sadness that the office of Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D. relays news of his untimely death on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. He died suddenly at home of unknown causes. Until then, he had been in excellent health. Preliminary autopsy results have been inconclusive, but do not support the initial belief that he might have suffered a heart attack. Further tests are underway to determine the cause of death.

Dr. Gonzalez was laid to rest on July 28. Dr. Linda Isaacs and his office staff are tending to patients. For updates, please subscribe to the office announcement list in the left hand menu. Moving forward, his team will do their best to navigate tasks and transitions seamlessly and we thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Dr. Gonzalez leaves a legacy of faith, healing, and genuine love for people and the pursuit of medicine. We are heartbroken at this loss, but determined to keep his work and his memory alive.

  • Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez provides individualized nutritional regimens for many types of cancer, as well as other illnesses such as Lyme, allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue
  • Over 30 years of research and clinical experience
  • Private practice in New York City since 1987 with his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs

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  • Our Treatment Program: learn about the actual therapy
  • Becoming a Patient: what's involved with becoming a patient
  • Case Reports: case studies of patients who have responded to our treatment with different types of cancers
  • Introductory Lecture: a one-hour recording in which Dr. Gonzalez discusses eight patients diagnosed with advanced poor-prognosis cancer who experienced regression of disease and long-term survival on The Gonzalez Protocol. Available for $4.95; click to order.

Other areas of interest:

  • Statistics:┬áSome people ask for our statistics thinking that it will help them determine the value of our treatment; however, as we explain in our article published in the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and entitled Statistics: Why Meaningful Statistics Cannot be Generated From a Private Practice, the question is much more complicated than many might think.
  • Research Efforts:
    • Learn about our pilot study and animal studies, including abstracts for the published articles about the results
    • The NCI-NIH funded a clinical study of our work. ┬áDr. Gonzalez’s book What Went Wrong reveals his long battle for a fair testing of his work and how the study was stymied along the way. Click for a summary of the problems with the clinical trial.
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