Equipment Sources

Here we provide suggestions for finding equipment needed to do this protocol.

Body Brushes: Dr. Gonzalez recommended dry skin brushing for all of his patients, using a natural bristle brush. The best way to purchase a brush is to go to a health food store or bath product store and feel the bristles on the available products; the brush should feel pleasantly scratchy, not abrasive, and different patients will have different preferences for brushes. Earth Therapeutics has a good line of brushes that can be ordered from their website or from Amazon.

Coffee Pots: Coffee can be made in stainless steel or glass equipment. Many patients already have a suitable coffee pot; for those who do not, the coffee can be made by boiling the grounds in water and then straining the brew. A simpler alternative is to purchase a stainless steel percolator, such as the very durable ones made by Farberware. Cuisinart also makes stainless steel percolators, some with timers which allow the pot to shut down automatically to give the coffee time to cool.

Grinder for 11-Grain Cereal: The 11-Grain Cereal is an important component of the diet for many of our patients, and it must be ground each evening in a small coffee or seed grinder, then soaked in apple juice or other liquid. Many such products are available; we have had good reports on the Braun and Cuisinart models.

Juicers: Fresh vegetable juice is an important component of this protocol. The juicer must separate the juice from the pulp. For those who need to purchase a juicer, we suggest the Champion Juicer, which is reasonably priced and easy to use. The OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush is a handy tool to get pulp bits out of the screen.

Juicers for Citrus: The Champion can be used for citrus, but the fruit must be peeled first. Alternatives include the Breville Stainless Steel Motorized Citrus Press or an old-fashioned hand-operated press.

Timer: While a pocket timer is not absolutely essential for following this protocol, one of our patients reported that the Ultrak Vibrating Timer, available through Amazon, helped him keep on track with his supplement protocol. Another patient likes the Fitbit wristband, which can be used as a vibrating timer.

Water Filters: He recommended good quality water to drink, to cook with, and to prepare the coffee for coffee enemas. Some patients choose to purchase spring water or filtered water, but because of the volume of water involved, many choose to purchase a water filter. He recommended reverse osmosis filtration, which can be accomplished with a built-in unit with the filter and storage tank under the sink, or with a portable unit. For built-in units he suggested working with a company in your area such as Culligan. Portable countertop units made by Nature's Spring are available through Ozark Water Service; they also offer prefilters, water testing, and service for the units they sell.

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