Illnesses Treated

Dr. Gonzalez treated many types of cancer as well as a variety of other problems, ranging from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Lyme to Multiple Sclerosis. Much of his published research deals with his treatment of pancreatic cancer. He also treated patients seeking preventive nutritional programs.

  • Regardless of the underlying problem, Dr. Gonzalezreviewed the records of each potential patient, to assess whether or not he thought his treatment might be of benefit based on his experience.
  • Since his patients came from all over the world, he requested that patients continue to be followed by their local doctors.

Prospective patients commonly ask “what are your statistics” or “what is your success rate” for various illnesses. Dr. Gonzalez understood that people seek such information thinking it will help them determine the value of his treatment. However, as you can read in the article Statistics: Why Meaningful Statistics Cannot Be Generated From a Private Practice, the question is much more complicated than many might think.

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