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This page reviews such issues as the cost and frequency of office visits, the costs of the supplements It is provided for historical purpose since Dr. Gonzalez's office is CLOSED.

Initial Evaluation: The evaluation to begin the program required two sessions.

  • The first session involved a complete history and physical examination, and usually took an hour and a half to two hours.
  • The second session took approximately two hours; during this session, Dr. Gonzalez reviewed in depth his evaluation and the results of various tests. In addition, he reviewed the patient's individualized diet, supplement, and detoxification programs.

Out of town patients scheduled these appointments on two consecutive days, but were required to come to the office in New York to be evaluated.

The Total Fee for the initial evaluation (covering both sessions) was $4500. This also covered the time needed to design the protocol. The fee does not include the costs of any required blood tests. Dr. Gonzalez worked the cost of phone consultations into the initial fee and encouraged current patients to call with questions and problems.

Cost of Supplements: The supplements are not sold in the office, but are available to our patients from a mail order source. The supplements are not available through health food stores or from sources on the Internet. The cost per month varies from patient to patient, but ran about $900 per month for a cancer patient, considerably less for patients with other types of illnesses.

Though Dr. Gonzalez designed many of the supplements he prescribed, he had absolutely no financial involvement with the company selling the products to their patients and received no money either directly or indirectly from this company.

Insurance: Insurance coverage varies, but due to the alternative nature of the work, many insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, will not reimburse for any part of the services. Dr. Gonzalez did not participate in any insurance health plans.

Follow-up Appointments: We find, for optimal results, patients must be periodically re-evaluated. While on the program, a patient's dietary and supplement needs may change radically. Therefore we require all patients to return every six months for a repeat physical exam and assessment of their nutritional status. At this appointment, the doctor will provide the patient with a new diet and program. The cost for the six-month follow-up evaluation is $950.00.

Routine office visits are $300. These are scheduled according to each patient's need and geographic accessibility to the office.

Referrals: He was frequently asked for referrals to other practitioners who might offer the same nutritional program.  The therapy he offered is available only in his office, and he did not endorse any other program or supplement line.

To Make an Appointment: Before an appointment was made, Dr. Gonzalez wanted to know more about your condition and your medical problems, and so he asked that you relay the details of your case to the office as described on our Website page Submit Your Information. Dr. Gonzalez would then personally review this material. There is no charge for the pre-appointment evaluation.

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